Sunday, 3 April 2011

Restaurant Review: Delhi Grill

Things have all been a little hectic over the last few weeks, having been away and now started a new job.  But, I will be back to regular posting from now on.  Sadly I am going to kick start this next round with a negative review, something I really don't like doing, mainly because I like to enjoy all my meals.  I was enticed to try the Delhi Grill by a bit of Twitter/blog hype and the fact that at the time I went there was a goat curry on special.  Mainly the food was fine but no more.

The place is inspired by the Indian dhaba, an informal and quick roadside eatery.  Its simple but decorated nicely, with bright colours and new solid wood benches.  Sizzling starters were passing by as we sat down.  For some reason, however, they were giving off a tremendous amount of smoke.  This led to much coughing, and continued to do so as more of these orders were brought out throughout the night.  The starters were fine.  The goat curry was tough, though the curry sauce itself was very tasty.  The poppadoms came with nice dips.  

The thing is the food's not bad.  It's just that its very similar in style to Tayyab's, Needoo and the Lahore.  Sadly for Islington residents it's still best to take the bus to Whitechapel and eat in one of those.  I was reminded of how true this was by a fantastic meal at Needoo yesterday, and a couple of great dinners at the Lahore that opened a few months ago in Norbury.


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