Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Brixton Village: Casa Sibilla

I was saying before how difficult it has been in the past to go out for decent pasta.  Now two places open practically next door to each other in Brixton Village market.  Casa Sibilla does a lot more than just pasta though.  It's got a daily changing lunch menu and is open for dinner on days when the market is open late.  Lovely salads and more substantial dishes are all available in a lovely setting.  They even do cooking lessons.

I did, however, have pasta.  And very good it was too.  The pasta itself had great flavour and stood up for itself well in a rich sauce of butter and rosemary that was bound together with a little of the cooking liquid from the pasta itself.  The filling - spinach and riccota- was a little lost, and I'd have liked it to have been cooked for thirty seconds less, but still high marks.  Special mention must go to the pile of leaves served next to the main event.  These I was not bothered at all by until I tasted the delicious thick balsamic vinegar that made up the entire dressing.  Very nice indeed.

So I will have to return to try more things, but what I had was promising.  The setting as I said is lovely.  Bright, and homely.  The cooking area is a tiny zone behind the counter and its fun to watch everyone bustling around preparing the food.  The whole atmosphere was warm and friendly.  This is another great part of Brixton Village and yet another reason to go and wander around.

Mains £6.90 - £11

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