Monday, 11 October 2010

Takeaway Review: Curry Capital

A take-away is a great thing.  You've decided you just can't be bothered to cook, but a ready made meal isn't good enough.  So you take the decadent option and pick up the phone.  You anticipate, then the door rings and you open up a lovely load of boxes in front of the television.  A great evening, especially if there's football on.  But, trying to find good reviews for takeaway food is really, really difficult.  So after having moved house a few months ago I've been playing the curry lottery.  Sadly this has only been slightly more successful than my weekly punt on the Euromillions.  I thought I'd found a good place and was going to put it up here, but after my second offering was finished I was less enthusiastic.  Now I've found somewhere worthy of going up.  Sadly it's not near my house, but if you live in East London it's heartily recommended.  What's more I found it after reading a really helpful online review on what is quickly becoming my new favourite blog; Cheese and Biscuits.  I heartily recommend both.

Restaurant Review: Mandalay

What is typical Burmese food?  Not many people know the answer to this.  Asking one friend who has been there was less than helpful.  The answer according to him was 'mainly rice'.  Not, you will agree particularly satisfying, although definite marks for getting to the point.  Still I felt some further probing was in order.  'Is that because of the difficult socio-economic circumstances,' I enquired, 'Well obviously!' he replied and that was that.  Although probably accurate this wasn't exactly what I was looking for.  To Wikipedia then, which concisely informs the interested reader that Burmese food blends Chinese, Indian, and South East Asian cooking methods, styles and ingredients.  Sounds pretty good.  But why the interest?  Well I mentioned in a previous piece that I've been eating far too much grilled meat recently and want something with some herbs and spicy sauces.   Mandalay, a Burmese restaurant on the Edgeware Road, provides both.  Thankfully on my second attempt I managed to make it in.  By the time I got there, however, I was not in the best mood to appreciate the food at London's only Burmese.  The traffic, the nearly missing the lunch service, the traffic, and the traffic all conspired against me, leaving me fairly stressed on entry.  What awaited was a very good restaurant, beloved by many, but that is by no means perfect.