Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Restaurant Review: The Meateasy

Yes its great, all the reviews are true.  Its the best complete burger in London (though Hawksmoor still has the best patty, but given the burger is three times the price...).  The bar alongside mix great drinks, its lively and fun and well decked out.  The whole thing has a great sense of fun and sense of anticipation around it and its generally brilliant.  There is only one thing that made me sad and that's that I got a bacon burger instead of a plain cheeseburger.  It was delicious, its just I personally prefer the plain one.  I guess I'll have to go back!
'I do love the taste of a good burger'.

So I could waste everyone's time talking about how each burger is perfectly balanced with each ingredient working as part of a whole, something the big-Mac was the inspiration behind though suffice to say this is far and away better.  I could go on about the chilli cheese fries and how delicious they were.  But, I'm not going to.  Everyone else has done that already and frankly I can do it quite quickly.  Imagine the best burger you've ever had in Britain and times it by at least three and that's the level were talking about here.  Good meat, cooked rare, fresh minced to give an beef tartar quality i the middle, all great.  So what am I going to talk about.  I'm going to present a plan for the ordering system.

Having a plan of action here is crucial because it's a ticketed system and tickets are handed out from 6 (or just before) onwards.  This creates a backlog and takes time to get your order.  This isn't a complaint, given the care that each burger takes the wait really isn't long and it's certainly much shorter than at the sadly stolen meatwagon that came before (and will hopefully rise again when Meateasy profits are put towards it).  Also it's not necessary if you're not in a rush because as I said the bars great and the venues a lot of fun.  But, if you need to be quick then plan ahead.  Go in a small group WITH AT LEAST ONE UNEMPLOYED (not difficult in this economy) OR IRREGULAR HOURS WORKING FRIEND.  This is key.  They can get in there with a starting ticket as you get in from work and get a table when its not busy and before its rude to save seats.  By the time you and another friend arrive a half hour later said friend can have used his ticket to order the maximum of three items.  Start with burgers and cheesesteaks as they take longer.  These should be ready around the same time as the number on your ticket is called.  You can order the fries, or chilli cheese fries that arrive within two minutes.  Everyone's happy.  Efficient and it stops you cluttering up space that other hungry diners are waiting for, and sated food wise you can start cracking into the bar or use any later tickets to order some lovely Chocstar desserts.  We went with 9 people all arriving at slightly different times yesterday but this made it stress free.  

There you go practical advice and an original post about one of the most blogged about food events around.  It's not really out of the goodness of my heart though, it's just a ploy to get people in an out quicker so I can eat even more burgers.

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