Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Madrid Reastaurant: Abuelo

There's something to be said for places that do one thing really, really well and Abuelo is certainly one of those.  Abuelo, not to be confused with Abuela around the corner, is one of those and specialises in gambas al ajillo, or prawns and garlic in hot oil.  There are a few of these in Madrid now, but the original and best is in the old town and has been since 1906.  It's definitely worth a stop on a tapas tour if your in this part of the city.

The interior here is old school.  Metal counters, high wooden tables, decorated tiles and painted mirrors.  Its nice and certainly a very good representation of a traditional Spanish bar.   Crucially gambas al ajillo is one of my favourite things and the one here is probably the best I've tasted.  €8.80 gets you a big helping of tasty shelled prawns and a helping of bread to mop up the oil and juices.  The oil had taken on a proper chilli heat, that permeated the dish but didn't overpower it and the garlic likewise was copious but not overpowering.  All in all very tasty.  The service was good and the very cold red wine served with the dish was tasty.

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