Monday, 11 October 2010

Takeaway Review: Curry Capital

A take-away is a great thing.  You've decided you just can't be bothered to cook, but a ready made meal isn't good enough.  So you take the decadent option and pick up the phone.  You anticipate, then the door rings and you open up a lovely load of boxes in front of the television.  A great evening, especially if there's football on.  But, trying to find good reviews for takeaway food is really, really difficult.  So after having moved house a few months ago I've been playing the curry lottery.  Sadly this has only been slightly more successful than my weekly punt on the Euromillions.  I thought I'd found a good place and was going to put it up here, but after my second offering was finished I was less enthusiastic.  Now I've found somewhere worthy of going up.  Sadly it's not near my house, but if you live in East London it's heartily recommended.  What's more I found it after reading a really helpful online review on what is quickly becoming my new favourite blog; Cheese and Biscuits.  I heartily recommend both.

The menu at Curry Capital tends towards the less anglicised end of the Indian food spectrum.  I ordered lamb xanacuti a thick sauced curry, nicely spiced though it could have been a bit more fiery.  The meat was meltingly soft and had fallen apart in the sauce.  Alongside that I had a prawn dish, flavoured with honey and lime, which was very different from the standard curry house dishes and was again very good.  The only down side was a completely unexceptional naan bread, the same as any you've ever ordered from any number of high-street establishments.  Despite that, this was the best takeaway curry I have had for quite a while.  The other's haven't been bad, but they definitely weren't memorable.  This certainly was.

Phone Number: 0207 761 33456

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