Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Restaurant Review: Fryer's Delight

I don't have fish and chips very often.  It's unhealthy and since I like cod pretty much unjustifiable as anything else than an occasional treat on sustainability grounds.  So when I get fish and chips I like it to be really good.  Fryer's Delight is really, really close to being fantastic.  But seeing as I've been basically equidistant between this and Master's Superfish, I think Fryer's is likely to miss out.  If your closer to this place, however, it's more than respectable.

The place looks like an old-style greasy spoon with formica floors.  The service is pretty brusque, the place being busy and all.  There are a few tourists taking snaps and business folk from the surrounding area.

The food is good.  The chips are apparently cooked in beef fat and are tasty and pretty crispy and nice and soft inside.  The fish was very well cooked, soft and flakey and the batter was nice and crispy although the flavour was good, it wasn't delicious in itself.  The mushy peas, on the other hand, were a revelation.  Home cooked instead of canned they were sweet and tasty in a nice amount of liqueur that was great for dunking the chips in.  Sadly they lost points for charging for gherkins, tea, tartar sauce and bread and butter.  With all that lunch comes to over ten pound.  Compared to the six at Master's that doesn't compare.  So all in all very good fish and chips, probably some of the best in London, just not the best.

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