Saturday, 2 January 2010

Good (North) American Pizza Coming to London?

Pizza creates a lot of debate in the US, Chicago v. New York are the two big boys (Italy's where now?).  The Chicago style is about two inches tall,  deep filled with cheese, sausage, peppers and if the above picture I found is to be believed is sort of similar to a kick straight in the left ventricle.  New York is thinner and often comes in foldably large slices.  Easy so far.  Well apparently thats not all, Canada's in on the action as well because there's Windsor style pizza and Ontario natives love it.  So who cares right, the North American style pizza we get here (although it is an occasional guilty pleasure) is made from dough frozen down in batches that last for around twenty years and cheese from a can.  Or is it?

Well certainly that didn't used to be true.  There was a really popular place that once existed on Hanover Square called the Chicago Pizza Pie Factory or something like that and it still exists in Paris but with different people in charge.  I went here for a few birthdays when I was really little and wondered if it still exists.  Sadly it doesn't, it shut in 1997.  Also sad is that there doesn't seem to be any chicago style pizza anywhere in London outside a freezer in your local supermarket.  But whilst googling this I did find something exciting and here's where we come back to Windsor.  Windsor as well as being the home to a distinct school of pizza making is the home of Andre Blais owner of pre-eminent greedy man's BBQ shack Bodean's.  I really like Bodean's, they show basketball and the do fantastic ribs.  Those are two wonderful things.  Well things are set to get fun because Blais misses his home town  pizza so much that he aims to bring it to us here in the Smoke within the year.  He's also going to show American sports while you eat it.  Hopefully my New Year's fitness regime will have kicked in by then.

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