Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Chorillana; The Unhealthiest Dish on Earth?

To start off; no it probably isn't, there are loads of contenders for the above accolade, including deep fried mars bars, doner kebabs, and a sort of amalgamation of the two which relies on wrapping a hot-dog in doner meat, battering it and then deep frying it. But, what actually is a chorillana? Well apart from being greasy and delicious. It is a Chilean speciality made from fried beef chunks, fried onions and scrambled eggs all served over chips, with none of the fat drained off. Some versions have bits of hot dog in, but I didn't enjoy that to be quite honest. The best version is meant to be found in Casino Social J. Cruz, Condell 1466, Valparaiso, which is where the pictures above were taken. I ate this when completely sober, but I imagine it would be a fantastic post-pub option and I would like to cite it as my ideal food for this type of occasion. If any one has any contenders please join the debate.


  1. I think this wins: http://ihatemymessageboard.com/2009/03/29/pork-brains-in-milk-gravy/

  2. As a self proclaimed 'greedy and eclectic eater I am only going to criticise what you posted aesthetically, it might taste very good...I doubt it, but it might. What freaked me out was the colour of it. Its exactly the colour of Krang from the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles cartoon (for those of you that have that reference) who was himself a disembodied brain.